Deputy Parrish’s Foster Home for the Supernatural.(Inspired by peterpanneverfails and puppyfacedbrokenboys)

Deputy Parrish runs a foster home for supernatural teens. One night, the Sheriff stops by the precinct to ask a favor. Four teen werewolves with absolutely no one and nowhere to go. It’s short notice, but Parrish takes them in, and makes sure they have food and a warm place to sleep. 

It wasn’t supposed to be a long term thing, just until they could find better homes for them. But slowly, injuries heal, they finally start talking, and getting along instead of glaring at each other. Best of all though, Parrish starts to realize that he likes having the teens around, and that, in a way, they’re all becoming a sort of family. 

It isn’t easy for any of them. There are sleepless nights, nightmares galore, misunderstandings, and fights. But over time, strangers become friends, friends become family, and family starts to become pack. 

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Acceptance 🙋🔫 #lullabies #langleav #loveandmisadventures

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teen wolf + words of wisdom

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did you celebrate with all your friends? alice and the white rabbit? this was on you in the library.

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"We should get out of here before David decides to give you his overprotective dad speech.”

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Life, he says, doesn’t have to be so bad all the time. We don’t have to be anxious about everything. We can just be. We can get up, anticipate that the day will probably have a few good moments and a few bad ones, and then just deal with it. Take it all in and deal as best we can.
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buffy rewatch ❉ becoming part one

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If it looks real and feels real, do you think it matters if it’s real?
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if you removed everything you dislike about yourself, what would be left?
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