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Dydia futuristic AU: Derek is a cyborg with the task to protect Lydia, the only person immune to the deadly and fast spreading Kanima virus

“Can you feel anything at all, or is it just… programmed?”

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YES. Thank you to people who make these gifs because they are the most important gifs ever!

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Everyone who reblogs this by April the 25th gets a personal drawing of what I think your URL or blog is like. I promise.

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When asked the place I wanted to go most,
I said your name.
I have never found solace in anything the way I have when
You are breathing softly next to me in your sleep.
I once saw a daisy growing through the concrete.
I once saw an oak growing in a cemetery.
If I die tonight, bury me in the desert
And water me with your teardrops.
I will still grow.
I will still go anywhere you ask me to.
I am always lost,
You are always north.
The corridors echo with your voice when you’re not home
And when you are,
I hear the wind chimes sing like it’s summer 2006.
Your laughter is my favorite record even when it skips.
You are honeysuckle, and yellow.
You are dandelion in a windstorm;
I want to catch you in between my fingers,
I want to catch you like a fire in a matchstick store.
I want to ask you the place you want to go most.
"This Is An Attempt At A Love Poem (And You Will Never See It)" - Nishat Ahmed (via sickwithsyllables)
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I’m going to assume most of this is clear to you.

The cruelest thing my civ pro prof has ever said

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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.   Health and fitness blog.

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song of the day: let it go/let her go - sam tsui (x)

'let it go, let it go
you only need the light when it’s burning low
let it go, let it go
you only miss the sun when it starts to snow’

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Not long after Arthur’s death, Merlin finds Kilgharrah having succumbed to old age. Aithusa hears his distressed cries and senses the death of the fellow dragon and finds the Dragonlord in a fragile state. Being alone himself, with both Morgana and now Kilgharrah deceased, Aithusa tries to provide Merlin some comfort.


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Harry Potter books - first and last lines

inspiration [x]

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Anonymous asked: Can you solve this puzzle? I hate going to law school but I don't wan't to quit either. Why?



Answer: Lawyers are all masochists.

True story. 

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